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Earn Gift Cards for Being a Regular Reader

punchtab-gift-ribbonYou may have noticed that a Rewards tab has appeared in the bottom left-hand corner of our screen. Allow us to introduce Punchtab, the Silicon Valley-based loyalty program that helps readers of blogs to earn loyalty points by reading and sharing our posts. These loyalty points can be redeemed for gift cards from popular retailers like Starbucks, Amazon and Target.

To get started, simply click on the Rewards tab in the corner and then log-in using your Facebook account. By using your Facebook account as a unique identifier for you with Punchtab, you can start to accumulate points whenever you view or share our posts. As you accumulate more points, you can choose from the various rewards in the PunchTab Rewards Merchandise Catalog based on the number of points you have and the number of points needed for a particular reward.

We’re happy to be working with Punchtab here, and we hope the gift cards help you save money $5, $10 and $20 at a time!

Thanks for joining the FiveTenTwenty Club

~Janet and Karl

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