The Five Ten Twenty Club Money Method

Succeeding financially is no great secret – it comes from self-awareness, thriftiness and a commitment to improving your habits. As simple as these concepts may seem at first, personal financial management may be one of those hardest things to learn and live daily. So we–and everyone who is part of the Five Ten Twenty Club–is here to help.

The Five Ten Twenty Club’s mission is to help people understand how reducing small expenses can lead to big savings and how big savings can lead to a comfortable financial future.

This web community offers five tools to help:

  • The Blog with stories and strategies from recognized financial experts to help inspire you to pursue your financial dreams. Each blog breaks down your savings – how much you’d save each day, month, year and over yuor career by using our savings tips.
  • The Five Ten Twenty Club Money Method to becoming a SUPER Saver.
  • The Seven Days to Financial Fitness Plan to take ownership of your financial future.The plan (and everything in it) is absolutely free. All you need to do is follow the simple steps outlined for each day to get started.
  • The Community Forum where you can track your mis-steps and victories toward your spending-and-savings goals and join in on the Five Ten Twenty Club conversation through Discussion Groups.
  • The Five Ten Twenty Club Newsletter which delivers the best tips, deals and spending reminders right to your inbox each morning beginning by late July. Register with your name and email address in the Subscription widget on the right side of the screen.

Each of these tools will help you learn more about spending and savings, reinforce the best lessons and empower you to make the smartest financial decisions.  You will also be sure to discover some great deals and meet some great people along the way. But remember: just like the decisions to spend or save, the decision to use these tools is yours.

If you have any questions along the way – or just need a little support — our Community Forum and FAQ sections enable you to interact with the Five Ten Twenty Club directly.

In the meantime, take the Five Ten Twenty Club Pledge and commit to your future today! It’s the core of our club’s method, and it goes like this:

” I commit to stop buying million dollar coffees and understand that a dollar spent today will end up costing me much more tomorrow. I resolve to own my future and my freedom by not being a slave to spending.”

And every time we make a purchase, we remind ourselves of the following:

  • $5 spent each day could cost me $500,000 at retirement.
  • $10 spent each day could cost me about $1 million.
  • $20 spent each day could cost me about $2 million.


With this Pledge, we work to control our financial lives and to practice SUPER  Saving.

  • S ay “No” to Spending
  • U nderstand How Spending Leads to Savings
  • P ractice Daily
  • E quip yourself with Savings tools
  • R e-focus on Investment.


Helping You Reach Your Financial Goals On Just $5, $10 or $20 Per Day