Tax Day Meal Deals

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Our friends at share some outstanding meal deals valid today only. Enjoy some cheap grub on Tax Day – you’ve earned it! 1. Gordon Biersch Pay only $10 for a GB Cheeseburger and handcrafted beer. 2. Ruby’s Diner Enjoy a classic Rubyburger, fries and Classic Shake for just $10.40 today. 3. Spaghetti Warehouse Buy [...]


Here’s What to do With Your Tax Records

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    As Tax Day approaches, many of us are left rummaging through piles of tax records and receipts. offer some advice on how to stay organized and minimize that pile of papers. Keep your actual tax returns forever—they can help when you, say, apply for a mortgage or disability insurance or when you [...]


The 3 Biggest Mistakes First Time HomeBuyers Make

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Shopping for a home the first time can be scary: Scouring the market, negotiating the best deal and navigating the fine print is enough to overwhelm any new homebuyer. If you’re in the market for a new home, check out the results of‘s poll of major lenders. They’ve identified the three biggest mistakes first-time homebuyers make – [...]

The Real Cost of Going to the Sochi Winter Olympics

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The excitement of attending the Sochi Winter Olympics is palpable: Hair-raising, gravity-defying stunts performed by world-class athletes on snow and ice raise our heart rates and leave us wanting more. But like any major sporting event, going to Sochi will cost you a pretty penny. When you factor in the added costs of a visa, [...]

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Do Friends and Family Want to Borrow Money? Here’s How to Handle It

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If your friends or relatives ask to borrow money, here are a few pieces of advice on handling the sensitive discussion. Lend Only What You Can Afford To Lose J.D. Roth, founder of Get Rich Slowly, writes on that when you lend money to family or friends, you might never see it again. You [...]


Fun Dates Under $20

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If you go on a typical dinner and movie outing even once per week, you’re probably shelling out hundreds of dollars per month unnecessarily. Heck, even a cheaper dinner at the likes of TGI Friday’s and two movie tickets is likely to set you back $50-60. Do that four times a month, and you’re talking $200 plus dollars! As Five [...]


Yes, You Can Rebuild Your Credit – Here’s How

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  Roughly 47 percent of employers pull credit reports before hiring new employees, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. It’s not uncommon for employers to rescind an offer or decline making one after seeing a poor credit score. Some speculate employers fear such employees are financially irresponsible or prone to suspicious behavior. Poor [...]


The Economy’s Up! So Why’s the Market Now Tanking?

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Unemployment figures are down – by some estimates, we will have regained all the 7.9 million jobs lost during the recession by next spring. GDP numbers, too, are up; the economy grew at a sharp 3.6% pace in the third quarter, faster than even most experts had anticipated. So why has the stock market lost [...]